MONOA work clothes for women

Our project

Monoa was born from the need of two women ranchers to find a working frog adapted to female physiology and needs. Until now, women who needed a full dress for work were forced to wear a male-patterned, vertically zipped, bag-like jumpsuit that forced them to undress to go to the bathroom, hiding their figure and hindered its mobility.

The purpose of MONOA is to make rural women visible, often invisible due to the fact that they are on the family farm and have to adapt to a very male profession. The aim is to provide her with functional and stylish work clothes that dignify her status.

Montse Cardona (Solsonès) and Sònia Morell (Pla d'Urgell), who arrived at the ranch from the world of fashion, wanted to find a solution.


The aim of the brand is to feminize the work clothes of livestock and farming, but also of other trades where women have to adapt to men's clothing (gardening, mechanics...).

The brand is created to correct a clear gender deviation by providing a range of stylish women's workwear products perfectly adapted to the needs of working women.

The main value that Monoa projects is to contribute to the well-being of working women by providing dignity, practicality, style, comfort and hygiene.

In addition to the need to have suitable work clothes for women's needs, there is also the claim. Making the rural woman visible is also the goal, since she often has to adapt to a profession until now designed for men with work clothes designed for them.

Monoa wants to occupy this space, that of a frog for them.

And they... have already discovered it! And they love it!


“I realized when I arrived at the livestock farm that the working clothes in this sector had not evolved. Modernity and the robotization of farms had nothing to do with the lack of adaptation of women's clothing. Women had resignedly adapted to men's work clothes”


"Tired of wearing a 100% male overall, I had been looking for a more practical and stylish overall with a feminine pattern”



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