Nobody is going to see me, anyway...just to go to the farm...

Nobody is going to see me, anyway...just to go to the farm...

Many times I have heard this phrase... Having an idea is easy, the most complicated thing is to implement it. So I, who come from the world of styling and have joined the livestock industry after many years of experiencing it closely in the family business... when I came up with MONOA I was thinking... Do you really think that it is going to be so hard? I didn't think that taking a good idea forward and making it viable would be so complicated.

Well, yes, from the first mental warm-up to having it exposed to the rest of the world, there is an abyss. Not complicated, very complicated, and even more so if you don't control the world you're in. Maybe it deserves another blog post.

Montse, all her life directly linked to the world of farming and livestock. Me, Sonia, not as much as her and not much less, my father is a farmer. In the summer we had to pick fruit and in the autumn, to go to the farm when they wanted to go and look for mushrooms. We were 15 and 12 years old and with my sister, we used to ride the motorbike and headed to the farm at 8 in the morning. Mr. Policeman, those were other times! We pushed the "wagon" to distribute the feed. We didn't have enough strength and we had to prop ourselves up to push it, and when it picked up speed, it was easy... We just had to cross our fingers that there was nothing to stop us. Food distributed and we could go home!

It's been a while since Montse told me that women aren´t recognised in the world of farming. I didn't listen to her enough because we are all busy, and if we have 5 minutes we feel like "doing nothing", but that day, at the age of 45, I saw it clearly.

It was the year 2022 , I was on my father's farm and I felt that I was losing my dignity to take a "pee". Cramped, sleeves rolled up so they wouldn't get wet, legs wide open so I wouldn't get splashed. And... the mobile phone, where do I have it? Don't move, it will fall and it just needs to fall here in the middle... EXCUSE ME???

21st century, a lot of technology on farms, a lot of big tractors that almost run alone. From the phone you can control almost everything and it turns out that to "pee" I have to stay with my bottom in the air, naked, everything in plain sight and make sure I don't get hurt??? And my dignity as a woman? Who took it into account? Has anyone thought about all these women who, directly or indirectly, have been and are linked to the field, to cattle breeding or any work in which the male figure has always been seen as a priority?

It's not a sexist issue, I don't want to put labels, it's not about searching
controversy, it's about calling things by their name.

It is about making visible a situation that many women suffer from and do so with resignation. Maybe not satisfied with the situation they were living in, but with the responsibility of taking care of a house, a family and taking care of their elderly, who had no thoughts of going to live in a residence "because no one will take me away from home"... All these facts and many others mean that the woman does not have even 5 minutes to think about how to solve this problem. On the contrary: "I'm not throwing away the child's old tracksuit, It can be worn in the farm", "these trousers that I can't wear anymore, I'm going to wear them in the farm where no one sees me..."

But it turns out that when you're there, the aunt who lives in the city comes, or a feed salesman shows up and sees your son in his old tracksuit, your tight pants and you think: "Couldn't they come another day??? Why are they coming today?". Trying to excuse yourself.
Because tomorrow, if no one had seen you, you would wear it again. It would be those or some

others and in this way and with resignation, you would continue dressing in any way
to work.

And of course... "Auntie, what a surprise!! Come on, let's go into the house...” And you see your reflection in the glass of the tractor. "And it had to be today..." and you want to enter the house, but first you take off your boots, you dust yourself off, wash your hands, look in the mirror and say:... "And it had to be today... what a beauty..." And you enter the house and see yourself in the reflection of the door again and think: "How awful... And it had to be today"...

But what you tell yourself is a lie, it's an excuse. Because today they have seen you, but tomorrow, since there are no different options to get dressed again, you would go again in an old tracksuit, tights or worn out pants. “After all... just to go to the farm...”

And finally one day comes when you say: "Enough. I want to be dressed normally , I want to be dressed in clothes for the countryside or the farm".

And you get depressed because you remember your reflection in the glass and you get even more depressed
when you see that there is nothing on the market designed for women, that you can only aspire to buy yourself a new tracksuit. Hey! It is no longer the old legacy; ). Or you can buy yourself some
men's work pants, black, grey, navy blue, with a polo shirt,
sweatshirt and little else on offer.
How sad right?

Something had to be done, Montse told me. Women farmers need an overall adapted to their needs, designed for them. And I finally paid attention to her. Or did we have to continue to resign ourselves and adapt?
That's why we are proud.

We know we do a good job because of the feedback we get from our clients. We are
proud of where we are and we could lose control many times, because the same impulsiveness we had that day, we have had it in creating more products and taking better care of women.

This was our reason for moving forward with MONOA for women, while one thought that a problem was over, the other saw a way of business... And when we talked, the thoughts crossed. We both see the same thing, a need, a solution and a way of doing business.

It was worth not wanting to think about anything else and just going forward with the idea.


Sonia Morell