CONVERSATIONS: Breaking seams

CONVERSATIONS: Breaking seams
We were very clear about who was to launch the blog.

It had to be the first company and group of people that made us feel special.

They are the members of the Artesa de Segre Cooperative .

Vicent Carbó , being very clear that it had to be a product that the Cooperative had to offer, Raül as the first man to wear a woman's overall and
be delighted with it, and Alicia , for the patience and affection he has had until
they could publish it, and Jordi obviously by making us one of the
first important orders.
The desire they had to communicate it through their networks was as great as ours and it's great to have this support when you have a lot of doubts and a lot of fear at the start of a project.

It is for this reason that we want to give them the privilege of being the ones to open our blog with their accurate, delightful, close, assertive and captivating interview.
Thank you very much for joining us.
CONVERSATIONS Breaking seams

If the work allows it, who doesn't choose comfortable and functional clothes for work?

Men and women want to feel comfortable with the clothes we wear, especially in our case, on farms. Until now, it had not been possible for women. But the female overall has arrived on the market.
Goodbye to overalls that fit us big or long and don't flatter us at all!

After a conversation that could have lasted hours and hours talking about life, challenges and hopes, we present you a unique and original project from its beginning. And the fact is that often, the WHAT is as interesting as the WHY. Personal experiences, which are the threads with which we weave the ideas we want to make a reality, are the true soul that makes the whole thing vibrate and gives it its own personality. Stories of ordinary people, who are also capable of great things. Here is the example! The first overall thought and adapted for women, designed
by @Monoabysm .
And what is Monoa ? Well, a bit of Sònia, a bit of Montse and a bit of all the women who have preceded them in the profession they share. Next, we will disclose it.
Farmers, breeders, gardeners, mechanics, painters, carpenters...any profession can need comfortable, practical and, at the same time, stylish clothes. It has been years since women joined the world of work. In fact, to be honest, it has always been there. What happens is that it is too often invisible. But nowadays we are aware of it and it is becoming more and more a "normality" ; the question is required. And until now no one had thought of creating a piece of clothing to respond to the needs of women? We don't know for sure. What we do know is that someone has already fixed it and, fortunately, we already have it in our hands.

Sònia and Montse would have never thought that their stay at Col·legi Mater de Lleida would open so many windows for them. The biggest, without a doubt, their friendship. The second, a joint project that would break clichés...and seams.
" Sharing friendship and business is not always a good idea ", comments Sonia. And she is right.
Sometimes it is difficult to manage both. But luckily, " Montse, which is more organised and structured, makes sure that everything runs smoothly ".

In this conversation we speak with Sònia, but the project is like a four-hand piano sonata, together with Montse. Montse has been engaged in farming and cattle breeding for years in Olius (Solsonès), her hometown. Sònia made her debut in this profession just two years ago, taking over from her father at the family farm, located in Golmès (Pla d'Urgell). Now, this farm is part of the set of integrated farms managed by the Artesa de Segre Cooperative. In addition, both Montse and Sònia are members of the Women's Association of the Rural World . There is no doubt that, beyond being "women", they are active, proactive people, a mixture of talent, a bit of ying and a bit of yang, of science and the arts..." You never know to what extent you can take advantage of your abilities until you express them thoroughly ." Sonia says, and she knows it first hand. If we try (modestly) to define it, we will necessarily have to do so with the prefix RE: reborn, reunite (with herself), readjust, re-invent, reclaim...any verb that transpires attitude, drive or courage. The same values ​​emanated from the overalls made by women and for women. Let everyone choose what they like best! Different sizes and colors. " When we get dressed to go to work we have two options, either we do it with two pieces of clothing or else with an overall that will surely be too big or with long sleeves or legs" . Working in uncomfortable clothes, very uncomfortable, worth the redundancy. Monoa has thought of all the details to make the day to
day easier in the field, on the farm or in the workshop.

We explain some of the most celebrated: pleasant, functional and practical fabric.
Cuffs at the ankles, so you can easily put on your boots.
Front and back pockets with large capacity to carry all kinds of utensils. Shirt collar that can also be tied with gussets, allowing both positions.
And the best of all...a zip at the back, at the waist, which allows you to lower the bottom of the overall very easily!! Yes, you read that right!! It will no longer be necessary for us girls to undress to go to the bathroom .
In fact, the circle is closed, because this overall has also been made by women in a workshop in the country, in Masies de Voltregà. So, @Monoabysm not only contributes to women's well-being in terms of clothing, but also promotes women's emancipation in the field of work.
In addition, it is committed to the local economy, creating wealth and opportunities for the
companies in rural areas.
The fabrics used to make the women's overalls are also made here. All made in Catalonia, " we can honestly say ".

In the end, the stars aligned and the romantic idea they had at the beginning took shape. "What seemed so complicated ended up coming out. The product we really wanted ." Sonia sighs. " The margins
they are not the same as if we had manufactured in Pakistan or India, but as they are made here we can control first-hand the entire manufacturing process ." The combination of a real need and a good business opportunity, all at once, allows us to believe in from today the project will work out.

The music doesn't end there.
Montse and Sònia have also presented t-shirts with their brand and the intention is to continue designing different pieces of work clothing, which are above all functional; caps, overalls and clothes for boys and girls, etc. It is already known that music is free and that when one is inspired the melodies are endless.
For the time being, they will start without a physical store, although they do foresee different distribution points.
We inform you that the Agrocentre of our Cooperative will be one of these points.

Good luck girls!
Thank you so much