The machinery has evolved, but the clothes have remained stuck

The machinery has evolved, but the clothes have remained stuck

Montse Cardona and Sonia Morell are two farmers who have revolutionized the traditional working overall. Tired of going to the farm wearing uncomfortable clothes designed for men, they decided to take a hit and create a brand of work clothes for women . With the name Monoa they have made a 360 degree turn to the traditional overall to make it more comfortable and adapted to the woman's body. It is a piece of clothing made with quality fabrics, cuffs on the feet to be able to put on the boots without bending over and a zip on the waist to be able to go to the bathroom without having to undress. "When I saw myself peeing bent over, naked and in a piece of clothing that had not evolved, it was clear to me that we had to do something ," explains Morell.

Sònia Morell came from the world of banking and image consultancy. With the outbreak of covid, besides, her father began to have health problems and decided to help him on the family farm they have in Pla d'Urgell. For some time Montse Cardona - they had studied together - had been telling her that they had to create work clothes for women, but it wasn't until she went to the farm that she saw the need. "I went to the farm dressed in the traditional blue overall . My trousers' draught reached my knees and I couldn't walk. I had to tie a cord around my waist and put a swimming cap on my head," Morell describes.

However, the worst was yet to come. "When I really realized the problem was on the second day, when I needed to pee while I was working," explains Morell. "I found myself peeing crouched on the floor, naked and in a work piece that hadn't evolved. The image of the women of the past came to me," she regrets. In fact, she explains that "despite the fact that the machinery, facilities and technology of the rural world have evolved, a primary need such as dressing in a work garment that has to be worn every day of the year has been stuck." At this point it was when he called Montse to tell her: "we have to do something".

Detecting the need, Montse and Sònia set to work to design a work overall that would adapt to the woman's body and be comfortable. One of the things they were clear about was that they wanted it to be easy to put on and take off to be able to go to the toilet or change during menstruation . For this reason, they have patented a zipper system that allows you to open the overall in half and lower the part of the trousers. They have also chosen a nice and soft fabric unlike the clothes of the traditional overall that is "rough and tough". "We wanted you to be able to wear the overall in the summer with just your underwear underneath and feel comfortable and protected," they explain.

Other details that have been added to the piece of clothing are the cuffs with buttons that allow you to raise and lower the sleeve depending on the needs. They have also put a cuff on the trousers' leg "to be able to bend down and put on the boots easily" and have designed several pockets to be able to store items such as the mobile phone. "It has some elastics and clips that make the overall look stylish and waisted and fit all body types," explains Morey.

Feel "beautiful" also in the field and on the farm

Both Montse and Sònia like to be well dressed and don't understand why to go to work in the fields or on the farm you have to go "in any way". "The woman has always been present in the countryside, but she was dressed in anything: a tracksuit, a sweater or an old T-shirt", laments Montse, who claims that women in the rural world can also be "stylish" and feel you are "beautiful". In fact, Sonia wonders “why the woman must give up being well dressed ." "There are people who work a lot on a 'look' for a specific day such as a wedding and, on the other hand, for the work clothes they wear every day of the year they do not pay attention to it," she says.

Overalls for men and children

After reinventing the overall for women, Monoa's promoters realized that there was also a "need" for men's workwear. "Obviously they don't have periods, but they do have physiological needs too", explains Morell, who adds: "who wears a work overall every day also values ​​other aspects such as the fabric or that it is comfortable". For this reason, they have also created an overall for men and one for children . In farming families, they explain, the whole family is on the farm or in the countryside and, for this reason, they saw fit to make a piece for the children as well. In addition, they have also designed scarves, hoodies and t-shirts.

Promote the circular economy

In Monoa they were clear that they wanted to produce their pieces in Catalonia and promote the circular economy. They were looking for a factory in Catalonia for a long time to help them produce their pieces and finally they found one Osona , in Les Masies de Voltregà. At the moment they sell through Instagram but they have completed the website from where customers can also place their orders.